I really don't know how long I had Blastocystis. I feel it may have been sitting in my bowel for a few years before it decided to reveal itself big time!

During 2001 I found I was experiencing nausea, tiredness, constant gnawing feelings in my stomach, and bouts of diarrhoea. I also had lots of aches and pains and my head always felt like I was in a fog. I'd go to do or say something and then find I couldn't remember what it was. Strangest of all, I had a ache that went down under my left arm and radiated across my chest!

Round September 2001 things steadily became worse until one day I just collapsed. I felt like I was on a roller coaster. I had just been to the doc that morning telling him of my unwellness, but that afternoon I was struck down with tremors, shakes,nausealike sea-sickness, feeling cold, light headedness on the verge of blacking out, a feeling of 'I'm going to die!'

These symptons came in waves and I'd have moments of feeling ok and then they'd descend again. My doctor told me to take some anti-flam tablets which helped stop the shakes. I spent the next two weeks on and off experiencing these symptons. I couldn't eat, to swallow water was bad enough and yes, I lost a lot of weight. I was so weak I could hardly walk across a room. I looked and felt like a 100 year old woman!
On one particular bad attack the family took me to the doctor who suggested I head to hospital. He thought I was over stressed and making myself worse!

Blood, heart and sugar tests conducted at the hospital showed nothing but the fact that my body was in ketosis. The very 'nice' doctor there patted my hand and assured me that it was all due to stress and that these were the symptons. They gave me an anti-nausea tablet and sent me on my way.

I visited a gastro specialist who checked me out thoroughly. I had a gastroscopy which involves putting a scope down the throat into the stomach. Tested juices for Helicobacter, but nothing found. Ultra sounded all my insides, all clear.

Things settled down for a while. Still had the diarrhoea, tiredness and foggy heads, but guessed I was getting over all the 'stress'!

Because the symptons had died down, the specialist suggested maybe it was a virus and I was over it.

In Feb went back to the clinic and this time saw Mrs Doc. First thing she did was to order stool samples as well as more blood.

These stool samples (3) were just in a plain pottle and sent to local med lab.
They came back with high Blastocystis counts and an other parasite she said she'd never heard of! I didn't ask her what it was, but will.

Anyway... because I was at home when the results came through I did a bit of research on the net about Blasto and came across this wonderful site. I emailed Jackie who told me what Dr B. recommended (the combo) and armed with this info went back to the doctor and told her this is what I wanted.

At the time she made the comment that they had seen other cases of Blasto from other people living in the area and that they treated them with Flagyl. My blood results showed also that I had had Glandular fever in the past year and she wondered if I was suffering from post viral syndrome.

Sorry this is so long winded, bear with me...

I only took the meds till the 7th day, the flagyl made me so crook, I couldn't get off the toilet. In hindsight I wish I had perserved, but I think it has done the trick.

Once I finished the meds I didn't feel like I had had a miraculous cure, I felt stink. But slowly with the help of a few natural remedies (slippery elm and Retori- a pro bioytic)things started to change around.

About 6 weeks later I suddenly realised I was doing things that previously I'd have to stop and think about whether I had the physical capabilities to do them.

The aches started to disappear and the pains in my stomach and bowel became less and less infrequent.

My bowl motions took a while to come right, their colour and texture were dark and not properly formed.

When I had Blasto I found I was unable to drink any alcohol and now 4 months later I'm finding my body is able to tolerate it again, in moderation.

So am I over it? I would say I'm over 80% back to where I should be. I think I am still recovering and with time will continue to improve.

Sometimes if I eat something that disagrees with me, or I get a familiar ache in my chest, I think, "Oh no, is it back?" I believe these are just small relapses, because I'm soon as right as rain and it's just my body healing itself from the abuse that it has been under.

I need to get back to the specialist, the hospital doctor and tell them my story as I believe that there are lots of people out there who are suffering from these nasties, but being diagnosed as neurotic and stressed out.

I also have never had a follow up stool test, but at this stage, don't feel I need to.
I just want to encourage all fellow suffers out there, that this is a light at the end of the tunnel. It can be a rough road to recovery, but with the right meds, sensible recovery plan, patience and time it can be done!